Welcoming Autumn: A Self-Guide to Letting Go

Yes, yes, we've heard that we have just entered a new season. We’ve heard that we are to let things go. But, have we truly stopped and recognized the leaves in our lives that are making their way to the ground? Have we truly stopped, and thought about what we need to release to move... Continue Reading →


School Supply Drive Success

Story time: I was backing out of my driveway to take my daughter to her first day of school when a boy was walking to his bus stop. I noticed that he had a small hand-stitched satchel wrapped around his shoulder, and I had just finished packing the backpacks with all of the donated items.... Continue Reading →

A New Moon Healing Event

Peace! Just stopping in to share an event that we will be hosting, along with another amazing soul, Cheikh Sufi, who will be leading some of the healing exercises. If you remember reading our previous posts about the full and new moon phases, then now is the perfect time to begin your personal manifestation journey.... Continue Reading →

Post-Moon Healing Detox Bath

This is about business, here. Not many pretty pictures, but the message is what counts. I woke up today feeling like the cleansing process from the full moon was not quite over. It's healthy to check in with our bodies, especially considering the toxins that we live, breathe, and consume in both physical and spiritual... Continue Reading →

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