Whether you are an affluent master of the 7 chakras, or you are completely terrified of the word itself, this 7-day series will highlight detailed information about 7 of our many energy centers. In addition to the informative aspect, we will be joining spiritual cyber-forces by doing deep healing work on ourselves- for ourselves! I... Continue Reading →


Heal Thyself: A Releasing Exercise

Our hands are powerful, magnetic energy centers. They have been used since ancient times to heal, and we spirit beings still possess this gift. For the last Taurus full moon, I decided to share a piece of what I learned through my naturopathic reiki certification in a 6-minute video. While this exercise can be done... Continue Reading →

School Supply Drive Success

Story time: I was backing out of my driveway to take my daughter to her first day of school when a boy was walking to his bus stop. I noticed that he had a small hand-stitched satchel wrapped around his shoulder, and I had just finished packing the backpacks with all of the donated items.... Continue Reading →

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