Reese’s Vegan-Friendly Pancakes

I love pancakes. Pancakes are my friends. Over the years, as I transitioned to an egg/meat free (and primarily dairy-free, but I still indulge now and again…just rarely with my cooking at home), I have worked on perfecting my favorite type of pancakes. I use the term "vegan-friendly," because I believe that the term "vegan"... Continue Reading →

Yoga: Developing your own practice

"The literal meaning of the word Yoga is to “Yoke” or to “Link” back, the implication being to link the individual consciousness back to the original source, the original essence, that which transcends all mental and intellectual attempts at comprehension, but which is the essential nature of everything in Creation, termed “Universal Consciousness. While in the strict... Continue Reading →

What’s In the Water?

Do you know what's in your water? Water is a basic human right, and a naturally occurring resource that we all need to survive. Even in knowing these simple facts, most of us are likely not as informed as we could be when it comes to what we drink daily. We admit- we have so... Continue Reading →

Instruments for Inner Peace

"The body, mind, and emotions are instruments which can be used by either the self-centered nature (Ego) or the God-centered nature (Higher Self). The self centered nature uses these instruments, yet it is never fully able to control them, so there is a constant struggle. They can only be fully controlled by the God-centered nature.... Continue Reading →

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